Latte Teddy Bear Socks for Girl

Latte socks with Teddy Bears, women – cosy, funny and colorful

Aren't those brown Teddy Bear socks on a coffee background (Cafe Latte) sweet and cute? These colorful socks are cheerful, they bring a nice mood or are associated with nice, warm places. Hug a cute teddy bear that can now also be at your feet :)

Socks 4 Luck :)

$ 7.11

In our socks, we focus on the original design, and we choose the undercoat to emphasize the colors.

Do you want to give your styling an original character, but you have no idea for it? How about funny animal socks for women? The combination of coffee and brown colors used here catches the eye, subtly complementing many creations.

Fashionable cosy socks for the demanding

When you buy our funny socks, you can be sure that they will serve you for a long time. The product is made of 80% cotton, 16% polyamide and 4% elastane. Such a combination makes them fit nicely on the foot, they do not shrink in the wash and do not stretch as a result of frequent wear. Women's socks are also pleasant to the touch and airy. They have flat, almost imperceptible Rosso seams, for which they are especially appreciated by our customers. The pressure-free cuffs are also worth mentioning.

What to wear the Teddy Bear socks with?

Teddy Bear socks offered by our online store will prove themselves on many different occasions. They will look great as an element of everyday styling. Such women's socks can be worn with jeans as well as shorts, a skirt or a dress. This is a proven way to liven up boring styling. By putting on such socks for girls, you can be sure that no one will pass you by indifferently. They can be worn all year round - both on cooler and slightly warmer days. Such women's socks are also a great idea for an original gift for a loved one, friend, sister ... You can give them on the occasion of birthdays, Santa Clauses or Christmas.

Charming, turquoise socks for girls with yellow ducks is a model that you can't pass by indifferently. It's a great gift idea for a sister or friend who is an animal lover or just likes interesting designs. These socks are not to be missed in our online store.

Socks with duck motif

Women's socks with ducks are a proven way to revive boring, classic or sporty styling. They will work on many different occasions. You can put on such socks for a meeting with friends, shopping or a concert. They will look good in combination with a dress as well as a skirt, jeans or shorts. You can match sneakers or sneakers with socks with a duck pattern. They can be worn all year round because of the standard length.

Women's socks in ducklings

For the production of women's socks, we use only the highest quality materials, such as cotton, polyamide and elastane. The natural fibers used in them effectively improve their antibacterial properties, and at the same time make the feet can breathe completely freely, and moisture is properly drained to the outside. Creating our women's socks in duck, we use 176-needle weaving machines. This makes them both soft and fleshy to the touch. The turquoise socks with ducks offered by us have flat, almost imperceptible Rosso seams and pressure-free cuffs 4 cm wide, which prevent them from slipping when worn.

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