Skarpetki z napisami męskie 

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Skarpetki z napisami męskie
These socks are cool! They go well with both short and long pants, and one thing is for sure - they are eye-catching and look cool! Orange elements on a blue background are a cheerful combination of colors. Give them to a person who is or wants to be Cool ???? Socks 4 Luck !!!
OMG (Oh My God!) Blue or black? Black or blue? Right for left or left for right? Everyone sometimes wonders what to wear. The socks have the same pattern but different colours. They're perfect for people, who doesn't need a pair for pair ;) Socks 4 Luck !!!
The socks with inscription "Stop plastic", in white colour with black stripes on belt. Lets's safe the Earth and protect the Planet against plastic. Thanks to these socks you can express your opinion - with a good will of course :) Let's reduce plastic as much as possible! Socks 4 Luck !!!
White socks with rainbow stripes at the welt and gender symbols on the sides. Symbols of Venus and Mars are different on both socks. There are words on the back that are arranged in the inscription FREE PLANET.