Skarpetki nie do pary damskie 

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Colourful funny socks with Pizza on a black background.  The socks fit to a suit as well as to casual outfit. There is no fun without Pizza :) One Pizza is not enough - take a pair! Socks 4 Luck !!!
OMG (Oh My God!) Blue or black? Black or blue? Right for left or left for right? Everyone sometimes wonders what to wear. The socks have the same pattern but different colours. They're perfect for people, who doesn't need a pair for pair ;) Socks 4 Luck !!!
Colorful funny socks for ladies - white with light blue and sweet pink hearts, different on each sock. Pastel colors are also used on wavy welts. Socks are very delicate and feminine. Socks 4 Luck :)
Funny socks for cinema fans in blue, red and white colours. On one sock you will find popcorn and a drink on another, so you have got a full cinema set. You can also put them with a suit for a movie ceremony ;) Socks 4 Luck !!!