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Our company was founded primarily out of a deep passion - for years we have been designing and producing socks. We are constantly expanding our assortment, trying to choose interesting patterns and various colors. We are constantly introducing new models to the store so that customers can always find something for themselves for every occasion, weather, styling. Our socks are characterized by variety to meet the tastes of the most demanding customers. We try to think from their perspective, anticipating individual needs. Thanks to this, the group of our recipients is constantly growing.

Our company was founded in Poland. It quickly gained the trust of many customers and a reputation. Our team also has an impact on our success. We work in an optimistic group of people. Our employees are dynamic personalities, with fresh ideas and an innovative approach to work. This distinguishes us from the competition.

Get to know us closer!

4LCK is a brand for free and happy people. Do you like to emphasize your independence? Are you interested in fashion? We create colorful 4LCK socks just for you. What is 4LCK (For Luck) for? Do you have your first date, exam or interview, or are you just welcoming another new day? Don't waste any opportunity, happiness can be found at any moment!

In our socks, we focus on the original design, and we choose the undercoat to emphasize the colors. The highest quality combed cotton, dyed in Poland, accounts for 80% of the composition. The remaining part consists of materials necessary for the welts and influencing the elasticity of the socks. Natural fibers improve antibacterial properties, the foot can breathe freely, and moisture is better transported to the outside. Thanks to the high-quality materials and workmanship, the socks are durable, do not shrink after washing, or stretch when worn.

During production, we use 176-needle weaving machines, which makes the socks soft and at the same time "fleshy" to the touch. We use flat, almost imperceptible Rosso seams. Wide (4 cm), pressure-free cuffs prevent the socks from slipping when worn. Each sock has a tiny insert or sign at the welt with the name and logo of the 4LCK company, which subtly emphasizes their uniqueness.

4LCK offers colorful socks

Colorful socks are one of the latest trends that definitely applies to all seasons. Matching them to your outfit can become a real challenge for some people. On the other hand, when it comes to dressing in a presentable and elegant manner, many people are thrilled at the prospect of adding unusual socks to a casual outfit.

In a boring, everyday work environment, colorful patterned socks and jeans create an amazing combination. Such underwear is not only fun and fashionable, but also very functional, because it can be almost freely combined with other items of clothing. Socks will always be an essential part of everyday clothing, as they protect our feet. Our socks are designed for both men and women, as well as for warm or cold seasons.

4LCK in harmony with nature

Cotton socks should be in every wardrobe. Women, men and children wear them virtually every day, to school, work or the gym. With so many activities, you need to be sure your feet are properly secured. Our socks are made only of materials, the vast majority of which are natural cotton. On the one hand, it allows you to maintain an optimal level of heat, and on the other hand, it allows the skin to breathe freely, which is why it is used in the production of clothing, bedding and underwear all over the world. This means that when you wear our socks, your feet breathe, which reduces the amount of unpleasant sweat and the feeling of dampness. Cotton is very absorbent, which you will surely find out on the day when you have to stay in shoes all day long. Thanks to our products you will feel comfortable. The assortment also includes bamboo socks, 80% made of the highest quality bamboo fiber yarn, giving it a unique delicacy. The remaining 20% ​​are materials necessary for the welts, affecting the elasticity of the socks.

Are you buying socks for your husband, wife, partner, friend, child or yourself? With the wide range of designs available, you can add a bit of color to your wardrobe whether you're going to work, the gym, or just spending a quiet afternoon at home.