Sea Socks with Whale, Seal and Pinguin, for Men

Colourful socks with whale, seal and pinguin on sea blue background.

Blue colours and sea animals - whale, seal and pinguin - and lifebuoy for needy ;) - makes them fitting to any outfit and boosting positive energy.

Socks 4 Luck !!!

$ 7.11

In our socks we focus on the original design and choose the undercoat to expose the colours.

The highest quality combed cotton, dyed in Poland, makes 80% of the socks composition. The rest are materials necessary for the welt and elasticity of socks. Natural fibers improve the antibacterial effect, the foot can breathe freely, and the moisture is better discharged to the outside.

We manufacture socks in Poland. We use 176 needle weaving machines, thanks to which the socks are soft and at the same time "fleshy" to the touch. We use flat seems (Rosso), thanks to which they are hardly perceptible. Wide (4 cm) pressure-free cuffs prevent the socks from slipping when worn.

Thanks to high-quality materials and realization, the socks are durable and do not shrink after washing or stretch as a result of wearing.

80% Cotton
16% Polyamide
  4% Elastane

Do you like to stand out from the crowd and surprise with original outfit, while taking care of every, even the smallest detail? If so, the sea socks with cute animals are the perfect solution for you. They are decorated with multi-colored whale, seal, pinguin and lifebuoy. We guarantee that if you put on such men's socks, no one will pass by you indifferently.

Men's blue socks with sea animals

Our socks with cute whales, seals and pinguins for a boy are a proven way to liven up any, even very monotonous stylization. They will look best in combination with one-color clothes. You can wear your favorite jeans as well as sweatpants or shorts. Sea blue socks will fit any type of sport shoes. It is also a good idea for an original birthday or name day gift.

Socks for boy, with whale, seal and pinguin

How do our socks differ from other such products available in stores? Well, for their production we use Rosso flat seams, which are almost imperceptible when worn. Noteworthy here are pressure-free cuffs that effectively protect against slipping rainbow socks. The sea animals socks are made of a combination of combed cotton, polyamide and elastane. This makes them look nice on the feet, are airy and pleasant to the touch. In the production process we use 176-needle weaving machines, which makes them extremely soft and fleshy to the touch.

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