Rainbow Unicorn Socks for Girl

Colourful socks with rainbow stripes and black unicorns.

Variety of colors makes them fitting to any outfit and boosting positive energy.

Stripes have vivid colours - turquoise, blue, orange, green, yellow, violet and red.

With this socks you can walk on a rainbow :)

Socks 4 Luck !!!

$ 7.11

In our socks we focus on the original design and choose the undercoat to expose the colours.

The highest quality combed cotton, dyed in Poland, makes 80% of the socks composition. The rest are materials necessary for the welt and elasticity of socks. Natural fibers improve the antibacterial effect, the foot can breathe freely, and the moisture is better discharged to the outside.

We manufacture socks in Poland. We use 176 needle weaving machines, thanks to which the socks are soft and at the same time "fleshy" to the touch. We use flat seems (Rosso), thanks to which they are hardly perceptible. Wide (4 cm) pressure-free cuffs prevent the socks from slipping when worn.

On each sock at the welt there is a tiny insert with the name and logo of the 4LCK company. Inserts also emphasize the uniqueness of our socks.

Thanks to high-quality materials and realization, the socks are durable and do not shrink after washing or stretch as a result of wearing.


80% Cotton

16% Polyamide

  4% Elastane

Colorful socks with a rainbow unicorn motif for all lovers of such and other animal motifs. They are an effective combination of red, yellow, purple, turquoise, orange. Women's socks with a unicorn will bring a smile to every face and effectively improve the mood for the whole day.

Rainbow socks for girls

Thanks to the variety of colors found on the socks, they will perfectly match any stylization - both single and multi-colored. You can wear unicorn socks in many different ways, matching them to the current mood and intended clothes. They will look good with a dress as well as pants or a skirt. Rainbow socks are a proven way for an original, one-of-a-kind look. They will be great as a birthday or Christmas present for any unicorn fan and will bring the chosen styling to life.

Durable unicorn socks

By buying our women's socks, you can be sure that they will serve you for a long time and will not show signs of significant wear. They do not shrink during washing and do not stretch as a result of wearing. The colorful socks were made of 80% dyed combed cotton in Poland, 16% polyamide and 4% elastane. This combination of materials used to produce makes them look very nice on the foot and look like a top-shelf product. Unicorn socks have pressure-free welts to prevent them from slipping and flat Rosso seams. They are also decorated with a small stripe with the name and logo of our company. In socks with a rainbow, the feet are able to breathe freely and do not sweat. They are available in several different sizes.

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