Chili Pepper Socks for Girls

Colorful funny socks with Chili Pepper on a dark blue background. 

On one sock the Pepper is red and on another green. Always together with hot spicy sauce.

The socks fit to a suit as well as to casual outfit.

Socks 4 Luck !!!

$ 7.11

In our socks we focus on the original design and choose the undercoat to expose the colours.

The highest quality combed cotton, dyed in Poland, makes 80% of the socks composition. The rest are materials necessary for the welt and elasticity of socks. Natural fibers improve the antibacterial effect, the foot can breathe freely, and the moisture is better discharged to the outside.

We manufacture socks in Poland. We use 176 needle weaving machines, thanks to which the socks are soft and at the same time "fleshy" to the touch. We use flat seems (Rosso), thanks to which they are hardly perceptible. Wide (4 cm) pressure-free cuffs prevent the socks from slipping when worn.

On each sock at the welt there is a tiny insert with the name and logo of the 4LCK company. Inserts also emphasize the uniqueness of our socks.

Thanks to high-quality materials and realization, the socks are durable and do not shrink after washing or stretch as a result of wearing.

80% Cotton
16% Polyamide
  4% Elastane

Next to funny women's socks with a chili pepper motif, you can't pass by indifferently. On one sock they are red, on the other - green. The peppers are accompanied by a hot sauce. The combination of pomegranate and red gives the whole pair a spectacular, spicy look.

Original socks for girls

Socks is an accessory that is able to effectively revive any, even the most classic, stylization. Colorful models from our online store are suitable for wearing on many different occasions. You can wear them for a meeting with friends, shopping, concert or weekend trip outside the city. Women's socks with chili peppers will be great in combination with jeans, shorts, skirt or dress. They can be worn at any time of the year, regardless of the outdoor temperature. You can combine them with sneakers or sneakers. We guarantee that by putting on our funny socks, nobody will pass by you indifferently and everyone will appreciate your unique style.

High-quality socks with chilli peppers

Why should you bet on our women's socks with a chili pepper motif? For their production, we use only the highest quality, durable, resistant to damage, stretching and shrinkage materials. Thanks to this, when buying our socks for girls, you can be sure that they will last for a long time. They fit very nicely on the foot, do not shrink, are airy and pleasant to the touch. They are available in several different sizes, which means that every girl will find something for herself, regardless of the size of the foot.

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