Ankle socks with stripes

Bamboo ankle socks with colour stripes on the welt. They suit perfectly to sneakers shoes.

Very pleasant to the touch.

Socks 4 Luck :)

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$ 4.90

Bamboo ankle socks are composed of 80% yarn of the highest quality bamboo fiber, which gives them a special delicacy. The rest are materials necessary for the welt and elasticity. Natural fibers improve the antibacterial effect, the foot can breathe freely, and the moisture is better discharged to the outside.

We manufacture socks in Poland. We use 176 needle weaving machines, thanks to which the ankle socks are soft and at the same time "fleshy" to the touch. We use flat seems (Rosso), thanks to which they are hardly perceptible. 

On each ankle sock at the welt there is a tiny insert with the name and logo of the 4LCK company. Inserts also emphasize the uniqueness.

Thanks to high-quality materials and realization, the ankle socks are durable and do not stretch as a result of wearing.

80% Bamboo fiber
17% Polyamide
  3% Elastane
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